by / February 9th, 2009 /

TV On The Radio have problems on the TV

It should have been one of those great defining moments when alternative culture crashed into the mainstream, when TV On The Radio were given a platform on one of the biggest shows on US TV – Saturday Night Live. However, like Fleet Foxes before them, TVOTR were left to battle technical problems that resulted in a performance that, while not their finest hour, still had the air of genuine excitement about it. Just mind the vocals, that’s all….

  • Colin

    Nothing unusual there at all! Their vocals always sound a bit off live for me but I tend to ignore them! If you think that was bad you should have seen what happened in the Temple Bar Music Centre about 2 years ago…….. Best we forget that one! Tripod was 50 times better.

  • Yeah, I was expecting something way worse. The only problem I hear is that the vocals are drowned out by the brass section.
    I felt the same about the TBMC gig Charlie, loved the Tripod gig though a friend of a friend met them after and they said they wished they put a lot more into the show & that it wasn’t as good as they can be.
    In that case, I’d love to see them at what they think is their best.