by / January 10th, 2014 /

Une Pipe – Serge de Plaisir EP

The result of two year’s hard work, Une Pipe‘s Serge de Plaisir EP is part artful sonic dissonance, part in-your-face rock. Originally a solo outfit for Corkonian Brendan Riordan, Une Pipe has now expanded to become a full band, and the four tracks on offer here (each longer than the last) present them in differing lights.

‘Intro’, despite its eerie, droning beginnings, bears some nu-metal hallmarks – angered raps, demolition drums – but shows restraint as a sparkling xylophone line ushers in its end, while ‘Diarmait Is the Sphinx’ has an amiable nostalgia to it. Reminiscent of Pavement or Dinosaur Jr’s gentler moments, it forges a meandering slacker-rock trail without wearing on the nerves.

‘Tainted Awnge; Fiddy Love’ gives off a misleading impressing with a raucous opening riff. And the fact that it ends as a delicate acoustic standard is equally perplexing, as for most of its running time, it tries to balance its gentle and heavy sides with intricate riffage and gentle woodwind cameos. It doesn’t always work and goes on for too long, but the slap in the face that is closer ‘Bono Is About as Useful as a Back Pocket on a Vest’ manages to breath new life into the EP with an impressive crescendo of distorted, menacing guitars.

It would surely sound best live, lucky that Une Pipe play a free gig downstairs at the Pavilion, Cork on 16th January.