by / August 25th, 2009 /

Unique Coors Light Peak gigs coming to Irish ports

Coors Light are bringing a unique series of gigs to Ireland’s ports over the coming months. Entitled Coors Light Peak the gigs have been described thusly:

Imagine a fully functional shipping port, heavy steel cranes, smoldering scrap metal, weighbridges and open docks with cargo ships. Now imagine top music acts playing against this backdrop enhanced by amazing lighting and visual shows under the night sky. All this will be enclosed by an amphitheatre created from shipping containers.

Sounds interesting. The first one takes place in Limerick Port on Saturday 19th September with: Reverend and The Makers, R.S.A.G. and Dark Room Notes.

Other dates planned are:
Coors Light Peak Galway – October 3rd
Coors Light Peak Cork – October 17th
Coors Light Peak Waterford -October 24th
Coors Light Peak Dublin – November 7th

Apply online at for free tickets for you and three friends, winners will be contacted at least ten days before the event.