• good ol’ southern California desert, always a good option for the vids!

    last friday was actually a really good gig btw. they have some awesome tunes — my only problem would be that they didn’t play more of their early stuff, preferring to play stuff from the latest album.

  • Scowls A Lot

    I think the best thing about their gig was their set. They did play some of the early stuff that people love; Blue Jeans, Play Girl, Seventeen, and they closed with Destroy Everything You Touch…they played other early tracks too I just can’t think of them offhand. It took the crowd a good half hour to get into it though in any case and I kind of got the impression that a lot of people there probably hadn’t heard the latest album. The sound was so much better than at Electric Picnic last year too – I thought they were pretty bad then. Ghosts is a great track though and I like the video. Kind of reminds me of some of the shots in Death Proof and No Country for Old Men. The guy who directed it, Joseph Kahn, has a load of music videos to his name. http://www.josephkahn.com/music/index.xml if you wanna check out more of his stuff.

  • yeah the sound was excellent!

    re the crowd taking 1/2 an hour to warm up — the place was a bit empty when they came on. thankfully it filled up pretty quickly after they hit the stage.

    I have a theory about Electric Picnic. you can pick any band that played at any EP, ask two people who saw them there, and I can guarantee you can always find 1 person who loved ’em and one person who thought they were shite. I don’t know what’s up about that, but there you go.

  • not bad,
    i must admit i rather like it