by / March 21st, 2012 /

Video: Madonna – ‘Girl Gone Wild’

Enough of the silly parodies of the cartoonish ‘Give Me All Your Luv’ Madonna has gone back to what she knows best: black and white sex dungeons.

Okay ‘Girl Gone Wild’ may be one of the weaker offerings from the white hot dance explosion that is MDNA but the video manages to elevate the song to the polished level of perfection we expect from her Madgesty.

You can almost play Madge video bingo to it:

Apology to God intro (you’d think he’d be used to her shenanigans by now) CHECK!

Sexual pretzel dance positions: CHECK!

Obligatory sweaty crotch shots: CHECK!

Sub Avedon homo-erotic imagery: CHECK!

It’s a smorgasbord of the best of ‘Vogue’ mashed into some ‘Express Yourself’ coffee-table book erotic imagery. It’s the serious dance-party Madonna that’s comfortable in the realm she invented rather than playing catch up and gang signs with the cool kids.

So we’re back in some kind of up market, model inhabited version of Berghain with her enmeshing herself into a dancing threesome before throwing her legs over her head and twisting herself into an array of exhausting, limb-defying shapes, then having a bit of a rest by being chained up like an S&M Barbie. The boys have to work just as hard, busting out a classic muscle defining routine in heels… if anyone can coax men into dancing elegantly in heels and tights, it’s Madonna.

Pounding across the soundstage, hair flipping back, shit eating grin on her face as her blokes try not to cause themselves a mischief, it’s just business as usual. Those pop girls better look busy because the boss is back.

Madonna – Girl Gone Wild on MUZU.TV.

  • LOVE IT!!

  • I just get confused by how you follow up “It’s business as usual” with “The boss is back.” Shouldn’t we as fans be demanding new and exciting things to love, not fawning all over rehashes of things she’s already done?