by / March 29th, 2011 /

Video: PJ Harvey – ‘England’

Here we are with film number five by Seamus Murphy for PJ Harvey’s Let England Shake album.

For the track ‘England’ the photographer attempts to capture the country as well as the melancholy of the song.

This is what he told

“As with some of the other film’s openings, I asked someone to speak the lyrics of the song. Rather than try to interpret too much or too literally the idea of England, which is vaguely what all 12 films are about, I focused on the sound of the song itself which has a melancholic, tragic lilt to it, like a resigned love song of acceptance.

The images come from observations made on the road. The archer I found in a field I was driving past. The parrot was in a great dock pub in Birkenhead, across the Mersey from Liverpool. Bobby Moore and the World Cup in 1966 was in a kebab place in Southend. The white-haired man is a charismatic horseman from Norfolk.

Shooting Polly up close physically, allowing her to move in and out of focus was something we both liked — it lent an intimate and raw feel.

The audio of the Arab woman singing that ends the film was the original ending of that piece of music, but edited out for the album.”