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Video: Radiohead, Feist, Cat Power, Mary J. Blige on Jools Holland


Friday night saw the airing of the 200th episode of the seminal series Later with Jools Holland and it featured the strong lineup of Radiohead, Cat Power, Dionne Warwick, Mary J Blige, Robyn Hitchcock and Feist. Radiohead’s performance was great as always and Feist impresses with a stripped-down version of ‘1234’.

For those who missed it, thank to the wonders of Youtube users, you can now see what you missed. Enjoy:



Weird Fishes / Arpeggi
15 Step
House of Cards



My Moon My Man
Sealion Woman

Cat Power

New York

Lost Someone

Mary J. Blige

Just Fine

Feel Like a Woman
Work That

Robyn Hitchcock

Sounds Great When You’re Dead

Dionne Warwick interview

Guardian article on Later with Jools Holland.

  • Brian Chris

    Great show Friday night. Radiohead are on top form.

    Love Chan, but she was rather meh.

    Mary J killed those leather pants. Who would have thought leather could ever look so good. I for one still have a stiffy from it.
    Feist rocked the shop, bought the album off the strength of her performance.

  • Karl

    Yeah it was a good show, Cat Power seemed to remain relatively sober as well

  • asdffff

    thom and jonny in the mary j blige video…xD