by / February 2nd, 2011 /

Naughty new Rihanna video – ‘S&M’

Rihanna has a message to all the tabloid paparazzi and Perez Hiltons out there, it seems she wants to be left alone.

So her latest garish video ‘S&M’ comes with an over-18 verification on youtube, whips, chains, banana swallowing, ball-gags and Perez pissing on a pink fire hydrant as she sings “Sticks and stones may break my bones / But chains and whips excite me” – coy indeed.

  • Hil

    Can’t remember a less sexy video…

  • Hank

    what a dreadful video… S and M… (sadomasochism) … this girl will rot in hell… i pity those that sell their body, their honor… for money.. shame… she was a ok girl…. but MTV as always destroys all good characteristics in people… and for what ? for stupid money… MONEY ISN’T EVERYTHING! Money cant buy everything…


  • deadazzwrong

    y in thu h-e- double hocky stix does she put that tape on that biggie smalls 2.8 in kiss it???