by / June 7th, 2011 /

Video: Tyler The Creator – ‘She’ feat. Frank Ocean

Tyler The Creator’s followup video to ‘Yonkers’ has a certain ’90s feel: the cinematography, nightmare cop car scene, suburban houses and dads with fake moustaches. ‘She’ is a conflicted and creepy love ballad. It has syrupy declarations of love punctuated by vulgar declarations of “c**t” , as if Tyler, or his character, is not mature enough to let the vulnerability stand. The video presents him as a conflicted and menacing character: infatuated with ‘she’, prone to demon eyes and dark thoughts, yet breaking into her house serial killer style.

Here’s an interesting blog post – Odd Future: it’s OK Because They’re Ironic Guys.

“My feelings for groups like Odd Future and Die Antwoord are complicated. I’m pissed that they’re so popular when they say such awful things, but I can see the genuine artistry to what they do–to the characters they play and the music they write. I hate that they and their fans hide behind irony. Use it to absolve themselves of accusations of bigotry. I hate that they’ve crafted these images to incite discussion, but then fail to actually engage in the discussion.”

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