by / March 10th, 2011 /

Video: Wild Flag live in Boston

Billed as a punk rock supergroup of sorts, Wild Flag certainly features an impressive line up of alternative American names – Sleater-Kinney guitarist Carrie Brownstein, Mary Timony (Helium), Janet Weiss (Quasi, Sleater-Kinney) and Rebecca Cole (The Minders). State’s Liz Pelly was on hand to catch their recent show at the Brighton Music Hall in Boston, reporting that they sound “like a bluesier, more psychedelic endeavor: the songs are rooted in pop and punk structures, but are warped and spaced out at times, with distorted riffs that meander and melt their way through patches of loud improvisation”. Read her full review here but here’s a couple of videos, including their cover of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Beast Of Burden’….