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U2 – ‘Get On Your Boots’

It’s been two weeks since ‘Get On Your Boots’ was given its first airing and many have already formed opinions of the song (though we still don’t get the Queens of the Stone Age riff comparison) but now we have some visual reference in the form of Alex Courtes’ (who also directed ‘Vertigo’) music video.

The video takes place in space (naturally for the biggest band on the planet) with a collage of imagery taking in rollercoasters, explosions, the Virgin Mary, military warcraft, Aphrodite, candy apples and a giant lady wearing the aforementioned boots. Is this U2’s ‘Sex on Fire’ moment – an average tune that will be massive? No answer required.

Does Bono go topless after 2 minutes 40 seconds? Indeed he does.

The video first appeared unofficially on Facebook on Friday evening.

  • Lil’ Wayne

    I didn’t know you were allowed make slights against U2, oh sorry that’s Hotpress.

  • bobby

    hahaha, 02:03: “©Getty Images”

  • U T T E R S H I T E

  • Absolutely fucking Godawful.

  • Video updated. Proper quality finished video.

  • Natalie

    U2 always changes your perspective. What old things are you holding on to? You know there’s better things to come after this one- there always is. I loved putting on my boots. Hmmm… you must still be taking off yours. Too late.

  • Вообще, откровенно говоря, комментарии тут гораздо любопытней самих постов. (Не в обиду автору, конечно :))