by / April 1st, 2011 /

Villagers to join Take That on stage in June at Croke Park

He supported Elbow last night in the O2, and Conor O’Brien is now moving up the into the upper echelons of the British pop grandstand. After hearing Conor cover ‘Back For Good’ (below), Gary Barlow has asked Conor to join the band on stage at their Croke Park show on June 18th to sing that very song. Barlow told The Sun that he was “moved to tears” by O’Brien’s cover on BBC Radio One Live Lounge that he had immediately bought Villagers album Becoming A Jackal and has been listening to it on repeat since.

Barlow said:

“It was just so poignant. It brought me back to the time when we wrote that song on piano and how much it meant to me. The Villagers album Becoming A Jackal ignites the same feelings. Not least because my dog has a timid bark to him that reminds me of that bit in the song ‘Home’ when Conor let’s out a yelp.”

Obviously, this is not true and is an April Fool’s joke.