by / November 4th, 2011 /

Watch Bell X1 on a ‘Sugar High’

The latest single to drop from Bell X1‘s Bloodless Coup LP, ‘Sugar High’ is set for release on November 25th.

Talking about the background to ‘Sugar High’, Paul Noonan comments:

“Ireland is in ways a microcosm or concentrated dose of the madness that has us all sloshing around in the shit. The song began as a debauched HR Giger vision of the Fianna Fail tent at the Galway Races, with all the boys out of their minds, riding each other…on a Sugar High.”

The video was directed by Shane Delahunty, Eoin Brennan & Eoin Cody and produced by Folks&Folks.

As previously announced, Bell X1 will play a midnight show in The Olympia on Saturday, December 17th, with all proceeds going to the Capuchin Day Centre.