by / July 26th, 2011 /

Watch Bjork’s ‘Crystalline’ video

Bjork has teamed up with director Michael Gondry once again for her latest video. ‘Crystalline’ will be his eighth video for Bjork, having already made (in reverse order): ‘Declare Independence’, ‘Bachelorette’, ‘Jóga’, ‘Hyper-ballad’, ‘Isobel’, ‘Army Of Me’ and ‘Human Behaviour’ way back in 1993.

‘Crystalline’ is the first single from Bjork’s Biophilia album/multi-media project in which she attempts to to answer: Where do music, nature and technology meet? Or more specifically “how sound works in nature, exploring the infinite expanse of the universe, from planetary systems to atomic structure”.

The video finds Bjork in the cosmos, part of the nebula of on another planet, with animation that is driven by the music and crystals that grow before exploding in a drum ‘n’ bass breakdown.