by / February 28th, 2011 /

Watch Lady Gaga’s video for ‘Born This Way’

Seven minutes long, Bernard Herrman’s Vertigo score, big budget special effects, celestial beings, skulls, a monologue, machine gun Gaga and the inevitable dance troupe. It can only be the video for ‘Born This Way’.

  • technogoblin

    mother monster… would you ever go and sh**e… she’s an awful dope.

  • Simon

    Hats off to Cher for still plugging away at the old pop game all the same.

  • liam

    cant figure out which is worse, this or the dre video.

  • Both as bad as each other.

  • negar

    she is nothing just she is the queen of drabs!!! ha
    what aridiculous video!