by / May 20th, 2016 /

Watch: Lisa O’Neill – ‘Gormlaith’s Grieving’

Taken from her current album Potholes In The Sky, Lisa O’Neill has shared the video for ‘Gormlaith’s Grieving’, a quiet, understated arrangement of tremendous beauty and Irish folklore storytelling, namely that of Gormlaith, the wife of Brian Boru. The video itself is as compelling, and features a visualised journey of sorts that brings to mind redemption and contemplation. Speaking of the video, director Jamie Goldrick states that “Without resorting to re-enactments, how can you visually tell the story of a woman from 1000 years? I was approached by Lisa O’Neill and Grace Corry to help shoot this video. Lisa and Grace already had a strong idea of Gormlaith emerging from the grave. To this foundation, we added a forest, a water and a fire scene. The inclusion of these scenes helped us to signify the emotions that Gormlaith feels in the song.” Have a look and a listen below.