by / November 18th, 2016 /

Watch LOTS of new Metallica videos

Ahead of the release of their new album Hardwired… to Self-Destruct, the mighty Metallica decided to release a music video for each track of the album, including one for bonus track ‘Lords of Summer’. Watch them below in one sitting if you want to, but we’d recommend watching them jam out ‘Enter Sandman’ with children’s toy instruments on Fallon first. It’s a bit adorable, innit.

‘Now That We’re Dead’


‘Here Comes The Revenge’


‘Dream No More’

‘Am I Savage?’

‘Halo On Fire’

‘Murder One’

‘Spit Out The Bone’

‘Lords of Summer’

‘Atlas, Rise!’

‘Moth Into Flame’


Honestly. Metallica sound the best they have in years – scooping the mids, and almost capturing the ferocity and vicious crunch of Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets, and …And Justice For All. Come back soon for a full review of their latest LP.