by / May 17th, 2016 /

Watch: Sister Ghost – ‘Growing Pains’

Bursting straight into fuzzy, psych territory with those raucous guitar lines, Sister Ghost’s ‘Growing Pains’ is a transportive four and a half minutes of devilish, juicy garage-rock. Led by Shannon O’Neill, the outfit is rapidly becoming a must-see on the live circuit, and it’s no surprise given the ferocity and synchronicity with which Sister Ghost take to their instruments.

Added weight comes in the form of familiar Belfast-based musicians Brian Coney, Stevie Lennox and R Jake Lennox, whose collective combination of pummelling percussion, jangling guitar and urgent bass battery makes for a track that, while vibrant and brash throughout, playfully mixes a crescendoing wig-out into proceedings to well justify its extension of the kind of curt, sharp-shock punk to which it’s indebted.

There’s a visual bonus in tow too – a video steeped in the tube-visioned spectrums of early ’90s MTV alt-rock vignettes and with a storyline that’s full of LULZ, look out for a particularly ravaging Stevie Lennox getting the L’oreal hair advert treatment, as well as few choice hand gestures to the studio interlopers trying fuck shit up for Sister Ghost.

More of this, please.

Growing Pains from Sister Ghost on Vimeo.