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Watch the winning video for The Middle East – ‘Jesus Came To My Birthday Party’

Genero.TV is a platform for independent filmmakers interested in the music video industry. The platform was created by Mick Entwisle and Andrew Lane in 2009. It enables musical artists to showcase a song or an entire album by inviting filmmakers to compete in creating the relevant original music video. Viewers vote for their favorite video, then the artist and a member from the Genero team selects the finalists and subsequently the overall winner.

Before splitting, The Middle East ran a competition for their single ‘Jesus Came To My Birthday Party’ with Australian filmmaker Andrew Pearce taking first prize.

Genero.TV’s notes read, “A well thought out piece executed very well. Really enjoyed the use of age as a symbol. Extremely smart how the connection was made between the two characters in the video…definitely keeps the viewer intrigued. Especially like the sun flare feel of the hazy memory of youth and the close up character studies of the older girls as their faces light up toward the end of the piece.”

Read more about the full list of finalist and watch their videos here.

  • Simon

    Jesus indeed – that is a GLORIOUS vid. Hats off to you, Andrew Pearce. You brought a tear to my eye.