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Weekly film news: The Hobbit, Sidney Lumet, why you hate Lars Von Trier & more

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Has it really been a week since’s film news effectively revolutionised the internet and claimed the prestigious ‘Best Thing Ever In The History Of Computers’ award, presented by Bill Gates, Richard Branson and James Bond???

Yes. Obviously, it has. So here’s more…

Prepare to smile for ten minutes. It’s the set of The Hobbit!

Now that he’s no longer fat, Peter Jackson can actually walk places. Like around the sets of his movies. Which is just what he did this week. Along with the Rivendell, Bag End and some sort of rocks, we also go to meet some of the cast, including The Office’s Martin Freeman (as Bilbo Baggins), Sir Ian McKellen, James Nesbitt, Andy Serkis and Sean from Eastenders.

It all looks very familiar, which is to say that it all looks completely awesome and all Lord Of The Rings-y.
The Hobbit: Part 1 (there’s two my preciouses) arrives in 2012, with Part 2 in 2013.

Kneel Before Michael Shannon

If you’ve yet to watch Boardwalk Empire – and even that will make me hate your guts – you may not know just how incredibly intimidating and powerful actor Michael Shannon is. Well, this week Warner Brothers announced that the scary sonofabitch himself will be stepping into General Zod’s totally-not-gay shiny leather boots in Zack ‘300’ Snyder’s Superman: The Man Of Steel. Oh, this is wonderful news.

2006’s Superman Returns, with its mix of poor casting and pansy angst, was a complete dud and Kryptonited an entire saga that began in 1978 with Richard Donner’s Superman. Seriously, even I could have bitch-slapped Superman to tears in that movie, and my body basically looks like a mesh of knitting needles and coathangers. Snyder’s re-boot (mentored by Batman savior Christopher Nolan) seems to be shaping up very well in the casting department, with Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Clark Kent’s parents, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, and Henry Cavill as ole’ red nappy himself. Actually, I have no idea who Henry Cavill is but still…EXCITEMENT!

Superman: The Man Of Steel arrives Christmas 2012. Watch Boardwalk Empire NOW and we can be friends, maybe lovers.

Those Matrix guys(?) are making Cloud Atlas. Say Hank you!

I really want to tell you something first. The Wachowski Brothers we’re responsible for the Matrix Trilogy. Now they are known as ‘The Wachowskis’ because one of them is now a woman. Yes, Larry Wachowski is now Lana Wachowski. Amazing. Go, Lana!

THIS IS THE NEWS. If you’ve read Cloud Atlas – six interweaving stories that span hundreds of years – you might have difficulty imagining how any film adaptation could work. But with Run Lola Run’s Tom Tykwer collaborating with the Wachowski’s on this one, it seems a successful adaptation of David Mitchell’s mindfuck of a novel might be possible. Tom Hanks has signed up for a – yet undisclosed – part, although it might be tricky to imagine Hanks in a black PVC onesie. Not for me. Tom Hanks comes to me in my dreams almost every night.

You hate Lars Von Trier, and here’s why

Lars Von Trier. Like him or loathe him, you’d be mad not to loathe him. The man is clearly a tosser (retro putdown!) but you can’t deny the Danish Dogme ‘95 man’s films are unique, exciting and always worth talking about. He hacked off Willem Defoe’s man-muscle in Antichrist, had Nicole Kidman and friends faffing about on a soundstage with nothing but chalk lines for buildings in Dogville, and now he has Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kiefer Sutherland and John Hurt among others trying to cope with the imminent death of their planet by a big asteroid or something in Melancholia. Ladies and gentlemen, there will be no Aerosmith.

Rise OF THE Planet OF THE Apes has a teaser

First it was ‘Planet Of The Apes’, then it was ‘Rise Of The Apes’, now it’s the above title, which has the words ‘OF THE’ in it one too many times. I mean, just look at it. Nobody is going to bother saying that whole thing. The campaign for it to be referred to only as ROTPOTA begins here. Say it with me. ‘Rotpotaaaaa…’

Go ape (guffaw!) with James Franco on August 5th.

RIP Sidney Lumet 1924 – 2011

Simply put, Sidney Lumet one of the greatest American film directors in the history of cinema. In a career that spanned over 60 years, he made some of the most important, thoughtful and intelligent films ever made. 12 Angry Men, Dog Day Afternoon, Network, Serpico, The Verdict. If you do one thing this weekend, have sex. If you can’t do that, watch his masterful 1965 prison movie, The Hill with Sean Connery. I don’t mean watch it WITH Sean Connery. He’s still grieving.

Trailer Of The Week

Will Ferrell speaks only Spanish in a weird and wonderful trailer for Casa De Mi Padre.

This weekend State recommends you go see:

The Lincoln Lawyer. Total entertainment and Matthew McConaughey keeps his shirt on!

Film Poster Of The Week

‘Baby boomer Mark Wexler traveling the world searching for the secrets of long life.”

  • Simon

    On a point of correction, Von Trier had Charlotte Gainsbourg snip off her own lady-button,
    but didn’t quite get around to cutting off Willem Defoe’s man-muscle in Antichrist. I remember this because the image has rarely left my nightmares since the screening.