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What’s The Script frontman’s beef with Jarvis?

Update: It appears the story was made up according to The Script on Twitter.

And now for a bit of WTF? The Script’s front man Danny O’Donoghue seems to have some deep-seated negativity for a certain Jarvis Cocker.

Having confirmed The Script will play T In The Park and upon hearing that Jarvis’ old band Pulp have reformed and will also play the festival, Danny told the Daily Record:

I am not a big Pulp fan. Jarvis Cocky. I’m not into him at all. I don’t like his style. I don’t like his music. I won’t be steering clear of him, but he should be steering clear of me. I have watched his career. I’d like to think Pulp are coming out with a new album or that he wants to really do a job in the music industry, but I am sure they will release a single, do a tour, make their money and go home.The audacity of Jarvis Cocker to think he is important enough for people to give a damn what he thinks.

WTF ladies and gentlemen? In what lifetime do the worlds of The Script & Pulp collide? Is there going to be a backstage bustup? Does Danny resent losing some girl to the soundtrack of ‘Common People’? WTF??

  • haido

    He claims it’s not true see here – but there’s nothing on it anywhere else. It’s a weird one.

  • haido

    Ok so the html didn’t work for me there!/thescript/status/40052069347889152

  • Shilpa

    The Star ran a piece on this yesterday, after Mark Ronson had a pop at the band on Twitter for the comments (this story has just got weirder, hasn’t it?!). The Script tweeted back:

    @iammarkronson Audacity Mark?A professional musician like urself should know better that all you read isn’t always true. nice one;-) Mark

    So the Daily Record made it up apparently. Which sounds plausible, who quips ‘Jarvis Cocky’ in an interview?!

  • How odd!

    I was hoping there was some plausible reason for his reaction!

  • Carla

    The Script are a new band that knows their place in the business. They worked very hard to get where they are and i’m certain that none of the band members would slam someone.
    If Danny is not a fan of The Pulp he is in his own right and maybe the reporter asked him about it and he said no, but i believe he didn’t diss because that is not his nature.
    I personally don’t like The Pulp, should I be crucified for it? it’s absurd.

    The band denied it promptly and shame on Mark Ronson cause, like Mark wrote, he is an experienced musician who should now better. RESPECT says it all

  • Carla

    The more famous they become, the more people, and even more the journalists will twist their words.