by / November 13th, 2013 /

Winter Aid – The Wisp Sings EP

Winter Aid is Shane Culloty, blogger at The Torture Garden and maker of bare acoustic standards both gentle and forthcoming. His debut EP, The Wisp Sings, out now on Bluestack Records and streaming below, possesses a measure of the Irish winter in all its forms.

The opening title track, very much evocative of For Emma-era Bon Iver with its pitchy harmony and ever so sparse instrumentation, is enveloping, reminiscent of warm nights spent inside as the elements rages outside. Meanwhile, the distorted coda to ‘Within’ dispels such notions of comfort and security in favour of jagged distortion, even if Culloty’s lyrical bent remains a product of domestic contentment. Closer ‘Wives’ is a bit more forgettable and its cold beat clashes with the EP’s general barbed warmth, but all in all, this is promising stuff.

A Winter Aid album is promised for the new year. Watch the video for the ‘The Wisp Sings’, directed by Joey Baia, below.