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Worst supergroup ever??

Get a load of this. Tinted Windows are the latest in trailblazing former somebodies who have joined forces in desperation good faith. A supergroup consisting of former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha, Cheap Trick drummer Bun E Carlos, Taylor from Hanson and bassist Adam Schlesinger of Fountains Of Wayne.

The group will release their debut self-titled album on April 2th. Who knows it could be amazing!*
Tinted Windows

*But probably not. That was awful. Like worse than Fountains of Wayne awful.

  • I’m glad someone else thinks Fountains Of Wayne are awful. I used to be surrounded by apparent admirers at work – thank God those days are long over.

  • is taylor trying for the whole brandon flowers (c. 2004) look/act/rip-off?
    it’s pretty fucking awful whatever it is

  • kinda

    What a strange programme.
    I always liked Iha’s stuff and Buddy is great. The result seems disappointing based on these short clips that’s true, doesn’t make the tone of this article any less annoying.

  • @ kinda

    the full performances are easily available on the web and the songs in their entirety does not fill one with confidence

  • This ‘Rock after Dark’ show looks like a piss-take!

    And yes, the songs sound godawful (though I really liked early Fountains of Wayne!).

  • untitled

    jus when ya think times can’t get any worse…

  • James

    That’s painful. I’m off to wash my ears out.

  • you surrre it’s not a joke?! The presenter seems like trying to hid the fact he shat himself.