by / January 4th, 2011 /

You’re Only Massive mixtapes and videos galore

Currently holed up in H8rH8r Studio in Berlin, You’re Only Massive have released two cassette only mixtapes which they’ve kindly put up online for listening as well. If you want a physical copy you’ll have to ask the band or attend one of their shows in Germany, most likely.

You’re Only Massive present: The Fourth Quarter Mixtape

“One whole side of new songs, remixes and collaborations and guest appearances from Yoko Ono, the Isley Brothers, Cindy Wonderful and Rick Ross.”

You’re Only Massive present: I’ll Be Right Over
“One whole side with eight tracks to complete The Fourth Quarter featuring brand new songs and contributions from ms. Levy, Trent Reznor, Sean Paul, Hall and Oates, as well previewing two new songs from our upcoming musical project, Buddy Buddy.”

The duo also made a couple of videos:

Out Of Time from on Vimeo.

The Open Door from on Vimeo.