by / February 26th, 2018 /

Nils Frahm – NCH, Dublin – in photos

Perhaps the most intimate of gigs, Nils Frahm brings his All Melody tour, and its array of modular synths, organs and pianos to the perfect setting of the National Concert Hall. The show followed arcs of quiet solitude, through wall-of-sound moments with the German darting between the equipment, its knobs and levers and of course, the many many keys he had there to play on. Sitting in the calm of the hall you had to fight your own fleeting thoughts away as the music gave you space you hardly ever get at a live event. Being in the moment was a fight worth having with your Monday evening self, though. With touches of humour and waves upon waves of beautiful sounds, it was a warming and enriching few hours with Mr Frahm.

Nils Frahm was photographed for State by Leah Carroll.

Nils plays again in Ireland this year, at the All Together Now festival in Waterford over the Aug bank holiday weekend.